Some things, like a beautiful marble countertop or a sharp looking suit, never go out of style. Unfortunately, that inexpensive linoleum floor you installed back in the 90s is not one of those timeless pieces.

If you find yourself tired of looking at that old, outdated flooring, or simply have a new vision for your Flagstaff home, then new tilling is in your future. Before jumping the gun and getting in over your head in tile samples, there are a few things to know about installing new floors.

Step One: Choosing Your Flooring

When it comes to creating a quality look in your home or business, there are really only four options you should consider in flooring:

Hardwood floors are the perfect combination of beautiful yet durable. This option comes in many variates such as Maple, Pecan, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Birch, Walnut and Hickory, and are resistant to wear (though they may darken over time).

Tiles are ideal for any room that may experience water, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Beware of grout lines however, and always avoid low-quality tiles that may chip.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is built to replicate natural hard flooring such as stone or wood, while being less expensive than its counterparts.

Installing new carpeting can be a fast way to change up the look of your room without any heavy renovations. It also can help insulate your home in the winter!

At Double J’s Installation Inc in Flagstaff Arizona, we advise speaking with a consultant before investing in a floor. If your home is in a humid area for example, you may not want that beautiful hardwood floor that can warp and buckle, or the carpet that could get mold. If you aren’t sure which flooring is right for your home, our trusted design consultant at Double J’s Installation Inc will help you find the right fit.

Step Two: Timing and Installation.

Once you’ve chosen your desired flooring, our team will visit your home to inspect the job site and measure your flooring. It is important to choose when you start your project wisely, because once you begin the area will be off limits.

If you’re planning on cooking the family Thanksgiving for example, you might want to hold off on renovating the Kitchen until after the holidays. Each installation process is slightly different based on the flooring, so speak with your consultant about exact timing.

Step Three: Factor in Unexpected Costs

Consider and plan for extra expenses that may occur, such as needing to replace existing trims and thresholds, or if your furniture will clash with your new tile. Speaking to a design team can help you avoid those costs by picking out the correct color scheme first.

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