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Arizona is a state known for its dry conditions. Most homeowners may find themselves asking the question, “which is the best type of flooring for a home that’s located in Northern Arizona?” Here at Double J’s Installations, we offer resilient flooring options that can withstand dry climates. In fact, any floor is deemed suitable when new and properly installed. Double J’s is one of the premier companies in Flagstaff that does flooring right.

Here are some great flooring choices for you:

  • Wood
    Arizona has zero or very little humidity. Plus, some flooring experts believe that you can’t ever install wood flooring in Arizona. Here at Double J’s Installations, we can! It’s just a matter of finding the right type of wood to accommodate the dry environment and made to undergo a special acclimation process so they don’t expand or shift during their lifespan.
  • Ceramic
    New ceramic flooring can help considerably cool down your home in the hot Arizona weather. This type of flooring is highly resistant to fading and is quite resistant to water as well. All of the dust and sand is sure to put a damper on any flooring, but ceramic is quite resistant to scratching. Our expert floor installers ensure that there’s an underlayment or moisture barrier beneath and proper sealing above to protect your tiles from damage.
  • LVT
    How about combining the best of both worlds? With LVT you get the toughness of ceramic with the classic look of wood. Cleaning is as simple as getting the mop or a soft broom to keep your flooring clean and free of dirt. LVT is highly resistant to staining- any mess, spills or scuff mark is quickly eliminated with just a few wipes. Laminate is one of the best choices if you or any family member is allergic to pollen, dust or other air particles. The material is hypoallergenic and easy to maintain, even in the arid desert environment of Northern Arizona.

Whether you choose LVT, hardwood, carpeting or ceramic, Double J’s Installations experts can make any new flooring you choose the best it can be. Call us today!

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