Tile is easily one of the most versatile home improvement options, bringing both beauty and function to floors, walls, and countertops alike. Now that you’re preparing for your new Flagstaff, Arizona tile installation, here are a few suggestions to help ensure your project goes smoothly.

Make Space for Tile Installation Tools

Tile installation involves multiple steps: Preparing the surface, applying the adhesive, placing the tile, grouting, and sealing. Each of these requires plenty of space for preparing tools and materials because the work must be done quickly once the mixes are ready. To help your Double J’s installer work more efficiently, you should ensure plenty of available floor and counter space to arrange supplies for convenient access during the work.

Cover Up Nearby Areas

In new home tile installation, everything is messy but the tiles themselves. Adhesives and sealant are sticky; grout turns to concrete-like blobs once it dries. Double J’s team are experts in the field and work as neatly as possible, but it’s still wise to cover nearby surfaces and woodwork to protect them from the inevitable drip or smear. An inexpensive drop cloth or old bed sheet will work well for floors and countertops, and old newspaper or painters’ tape will take care of nearby trim and baseboards.

Plan for Inaccessibility of the New Tile Area

Thanks to improvements in tools and materials, new home tile installation is much faster than it was twenty years ago. Nonetheless, it does take several hours to prepare the surface and install the tile, and then you’ll need to allow time for the adhesives and sealants to cure. During this period, you won’t be able to use the area, so it’s a good idea to have an alternate plan for handling those activities. Double J’s installation is fast and efficient so we’re able to keep the off-limits time to a minimum, but you should still be prepared for several hours of alternate use.

With a small amount of simple preparation, you can be ready for your new home tile installation and ensure a fast and efficient process. Double J’s Installations specializes in high-quality, affordable tile installation in Flagstaff, AZ, so call today to plan your beautiful new home feature!

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