tile flooring in Sedona, AZ

When getting new flooring installed, it’s always better to have the job done well the first time. There are occasions, however, when a flooring job leaves a little more to be desired. Double J’s Installations, one of the premier flooring and tile contractors in Sedona, AZ, is committed to providing you with the very best in flooring installation and repair. 

Whether you’re in need of carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile flooring in Sedona, AZ, you want to make sure that the flooring of your home or business is impeccably laid. Here are some of the signs of improperly installed flooring:

Bubbles, Wrinkles and Waves

Does your laminate or vinyl flooring look uneven? It might be due to improper floor laying. A properly done flooring job should leave no bubbles or wrinkles beneath the surface. In other words, your floors should lay completely flat.


It’s normal to see cracks in your tiles after years of use. But if your bathroom tile in Sedona, AZ  is riddled with cracks just a few days after its installation, that’s a sign of a shoddy installation job. Working with reputable contractors like Double J’s Installations can help prevent this problem from happening in the first place.


Gaps in your hardwood floor planks not only look bad, but they pose a hazard as well. Items could fall down the gaps or people could trip over them. Keep your family safe by hiring professionals to install your flooring.

Whether it’s for wood or tile installation in Sedona, AZ, you should always choose quality services. Working with professionals can save you from a lot of stress, time, and money worrying about repairs.

Contact Double J’s Installations to address any of your flooring mishaps. We can also help improve other areas of your living space by installing a colorful tile backsplash in Sedona, AZ

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