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Your carpet’s lifespan depends on how you maintain it over time. Sooner or later you’ll have to come to a decision on whether you should clean or replace your old carpet. If your carpet has long outlived its usefulness, then it’s high time to start thinking about installing a new one.

There are various signs that you can look for to help inform your decision to replace the carpet, including:

1. Stains
Your carpet may be worn out and have stains, some of them permanent. Today’s carpets are treated with anti-stain solutions before they’re sold in the market. But they fade and you’ll be left with carpet that has an uneven shade. When a good carpet cleaning fails to remove the offending stain then it may be time to get a new one.

2. Matted Down
Pile crushing or matting occurs when your carpet is made up of PET, or polyester material. The tuft looks and feels great when it’s up, but when it falls then there’s little that you can do. Nylon carpeting can stand for a while longer even in matting instances.

3. Regular Wear and Tear
Does your carpet have noticeable tears and large shreds? Do they appear in major footpaths such as walkways or the stairs? Wrinkles, fading, loss of color and ripples give your carpet an aged appearance. Your carpet may also appear uneven and produces a crinkly sound when stepped on.

4. Strong Odor
There’s a lingering smell even after a deep carpet cleaning. The odor may have penetrated deep within the fibers, the padding or might have even reached the subfloor. This might also mean that there is an excess of mold and mildew underneath the carpet.

Here at Double J’s Installations, we do professional carpet cleaning to meet your needs. Our technicians can also help you when you need a new carpet installed. Flagstaff’s top flooring professionals are here for recommendations on which carpet flooring matches your home’s theme and style.

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