Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to any home. However, they require regular care and attention to keep them nice for years to come. With moisture, dirt, furniture, shoes, pets, and even daily use threatening the finish on your hardwood floors, it is important to understand how to protect your hardwood floors in 2019.

Protect from Moisture

Hardwood’s number one enemy is moisture. Be sure to close your windows when it rains, leave absorbent rugs near doors for family and guests to wipe their feet, and avoid installing hardwood in the bathroom or kitchen. Clean up spills immediately and use dry-mops and vacuums for cleaning rather than steam mops or wet cleaners to preserve your flooring long-term.

Minimize Daily Wear

Strategically place area rugs and runners. Not only is this a great addition for interior design, but it’s also incredibly helpful in protecting your hardwood floors long term. If you have pets, trim their nails to prevent scratches and place pet beds and rugs for them to enjoy in all their favorite spots. Lastly, be sure to place floor protectors under stationary furniture and take care when moving heavy objects to prevent scratching.

Keep the Coating Intact

No matter what type of hardwood you have, it will only last as long as its coating does. No wood floor should ever be uncoated for more than a few days. As time goes on, your coating will wear down in high-traffic areas such as entry ways, stairs, and living rooms. Keep up with your hardwood floors and get them professionally refinished as needed. Between refinishes, patch and recoat minor areas on your own using a wax touch-up stick, wood putty or light clear coat.

Double J’s Can Help

Protecting hardwood floors can seem like a daunting task if you have a busy lifestyle. That’s why Double J’s Installations works to take that weight off your shoulder and lend a hand. We offer an affordable advice service on care and upkeep for different types of flooring including hardwood floors and can help you take care of yours saving you money. To learn more about our advice service, contact our team of professionals at Double J’s Installation, Inc. today.

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