What is LVT Flooring
When building a Flagstaff home it’s always important to control your costs so that you can enjoy the home, rather than be saddled with so much debt that it ruins the experience. One great way to keep costs down is to carefully manage the materials you are using in the build and look for efficiencies. With our LVT flooring solutions, you can get the look of a hardwood floor but without the added cost.

Made from laminate, LVT flooring can be made to look like any form of hardwood flooring you would like, be it oak, pine, or some other wood grain. The material is far cheaper, easier, and faster to install, as well as durable thanks to the plastic composite material used in its construction. That means you don’t just save money when you buy a cheaper material, you also save on labor costs, as installing it is a far quicker process than more traditional methods of construction. The surface is also resistant to scratches and staining, ensuring it requires minimal care and will show less damage than real hardwood floors. Overall, it offers many benefits for anyone building a second home in the high desert of Flagstaff.

How to Find an Installer
If you do decide to go with LVT flooring for your Flagstaff home, be sure to find an installer you can trust. Make sure to evaluate them thoroughly, using the many tools now available to consumers in the digital space. For example, it’s always best to check a company’s reviews through Google, Facebook, or any other digital platform to get an idea of other people’s experiences with them, their speed of completion, and generally how they are to work with as a group. Remember, this company will literally be building the ground you walk on, so it is important they know what they are doing so your floors last for years to come.

When you need a reliable flooring installer in Flagstaff, Arizona look no further than Double J’s Installations. Our trained professionals will get the job done quickly and ensure that you will love your new floors.

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