Have you noticed cracks in your tiles? Are other problems arising with it? Then it’s time to get new tile in your Flagstaff home! Cracks, dirty grout, leaks, or stains mean you should install new tile.

Why Is My Tile Cracking?

Tile can crack for many different reasons. Extreme temperature change, pressure, age, or wear and tear may be causes of cracking. With extreme temperature change, the tile can lose it’s molding and come up off the floor it’s attached to, causing pressure fluctuations. This means with uneven weight distribution, it cracks. Pressure cracks are usually due to improperly installed tile. Cracks due to age are normally because tile wasn’t replaced within ten to twenty years of the install date and was treated poorly. Wear and tear isn’t necessarily preventable, but it is easily fixed by installing new tile. And who doesn’t enjoy a new tile floor?

Why Is My Grout Dirty?

Dirty grout is not only unappealing to the eye, it’s also a sign of a bad installation. Grout should be laid and then sealed, giving it a shiny appearance. Depending on your selected color of grout, that color shouldn’t dim in the first three years of having that grout. Having dirty grout means your tile installer probably didn’t do a good job, and your tile should probably get repaired or replaced soon.

Why Install New Tile Instead of Repairing the Damaged Tiles?

Tile can’t really be effectively repaired. If one tile is cracked and broken, some of the other tiles may be compromised. This means that replacing that single tile isn’t effective. You’re going to spend more time, energy, and money trying to fix individual tiles than you will by replacing an entire area. Most companies will consider giving discounts on large area replacements such as living-rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or other large areas that tile should be installed.

The Tiles on My Floor and Backsplash Are the Same.

This is a problem. This definitely means you need to have new floor tiles installed. Not only are floor tiles and backsplash tiles supposed to be different, the conditions for these types of tiles are very different. Floor tiles need to be resistant to pressure, wear and tear, and last you for a good, long time. With kitchen backsplash tiles, they need to be resistant to heat and temperature changes, which floor tiles may not be. Tiles in different areas need to be different types of tiles. Not all tile is made the same way, has the same durability, or is built for the same jobs.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Someone Replacing My Tile?

If you didn’t trust your original tile installer, then you should definitely consider using a different company to replace your tile. If you’re looking for a professional, crisp, clean company, consider the ones close to you in Flagstaff! If you have friends or family who have had tiling jobs done, consider using the company they used if they did a good, strong job. Otherwise, just shop around! There are endless options.

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