Designing interior space has so many aspects and phases that flooring options are often considered first. When you’re building a new room, renovating, or upgrading, flooring should be one of the first things to think about. Here’s how your floor will impact your interior design:

1. Flooring Will Set The Tone and Atmosphere

When an individual walks into a room, the floor will serve as the first contact. In other words, the flooring you choose will set the atmosphere and have an impact on the tone that each person feels when they enter the space. Keep in mind that flooring is an investment that can dictate your home’s resale value over time.

Take the time to choose the color, style, and how you plan on decorating your floors. The outcome will have a significant impact on how the comfort level of the room will be perceived. You can achieve excellent harmony with the rest of your home as you create a unique and personal design.

2. It Will Serve As The Design Foundation

Floors are arguably the largest design piece in a room; what you install will ultimately impact how the interior will look. Good-looking flooring can transform how your home looks and feels. If you have a smaller room, natural and light-colored flooring can make it look bigger. Moreover, you can play with different shades to work your existing furniture in without having to replace them.

In the market for adding eco-friendly pieces? Your design can involve sustainable flooring, along with equally green or sustainable interiors. Our professional installers can help you get the right pieces to make your interior stand out.

3. Replacing Flooring

The flooring you choose for your home or room should be one that the design revolves around. Empty spaces can be used for beautiful things, but homeowners often make the mistake of adding something impractical, such as choosing hardwood when there are children and pets that may endlessly scratch it. When you know that there will be spills, stains, scratches, then it may be better to go with luxury vinyl tile as it’s durable and it maintains its appeal over the years.

At Double J’s, we help our clients carefully plan their home’s interior design with expert recommendations regarding flooring options. We’re eager to know about the beautiful and functionally perfect space you have in mind.

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