A home renovation project is exciting. By investing your home, you create an atmosphere that better represents your style and is more welcoming for your family and guests. Flooring is a core component of any home renovation. Flooring has a major impact on the look, feel and functionality of your home. By researching your options and determining which floor is best for your renovation project, you’ll make the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

Flooring Buying Guide

As you consider the different styles of flooring that may work well in your space, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. The materials, functionality, and price can be confusing if you jump in before planning. Before you start researching the best floors for your home, consider the three factors below.

Determine your style. What colors and textures will best fit the space you’re trying to create? Patterns and materials can change the feel of the room, so knowing which style you like will help you hone in on fewer choices to make the process easier. Your desired style may fluctuate depending on the room you’re renovating. Consider how these options make you feel:

  • Hardwood: Rich hardwood floors are a timeless piece will last for decades. Lighter woods can add brightness to a room, while deep colors convey warmth. Layer with rugs to add personality to the room.
  • Carpet: Thick, luxurious carpet is a welcomes texture in any room. With stain resistant options available, this flooring materials has never been easier to maintain.
  • Tile: The sleek design of custom tile work enhances the beauty of your home. The easy-to-clean flooring option is ideal for real life while adding a modern flare to your space.

Keep your furniture in mind. Unless you’re replacing everything, you’ll want a flooring color that blends well with the pieces in the room.

Incorporate your lifestyle. Determine how you will use the space and what type of flooring is most fitting for your activities. Is the mudroom a constant landing place for puddles of water? Tile may work best. Have you just purchased your forever home and want to invest in quality materials? Opt for a hardwood that will last for generations. Consider the activity of your children, pets, and how much you entertain. Considering your lifestyle before selecting a flooring material will ensure you’re happy with your choice.

Set a budget. Knowing how much you want to spend on the flooring can help guide you into certain material groups. For example, if you love the beauty of hardwood, but don’t have the budget available, opt for a wood grain laminate. The material is durable and can offer the look you want at a fraction of the cost. Calculate your expenses ahead of a DIY project or request quotes from flooring contractors you’re considering.

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