Hardwood flooring has an excellent advantage over other flooring types. When the time comes and your flooring wears out, you’ll have the option of refinishing to make it look brand new. With Double J’s Installations, the refinishing process only takes a fraction of the cost of a whole new installation.

How Refinishing Hardwood Floors Works

Overall refinishing costs are determined by space size, the number of hours needed to complete it, equipment and the flooring material. Labor fees include cleaning the flooring, repairing any and all damaged areas, removing the carpet, prepping the area and the refinishing process.

At Double J’s Installations Inc., we efficiently sand down the flooring surface using high-grade sanding machines in order to down past blemishes or finish. Color treatment and the sealing comes next. After the refinish your floor should be restored to a new-like state. You can add various stains for that truly unique look and texture.

What Is The Average Cost Of Refinishing The Floors?

The average cost of refinishing comes down to somewhere between $1.50 to $5 for every square foot of flooring space. Installing new hardwood flooring comes down to around $8 for every square foot. Opting for a refinish gives you significant savings down the line, and with the help of a professional contractor, you can get the look you want for your home. Reclaiming your flooring also helps the environment as you’re recycling old flooring material.

A DIY approach is not recommended as you may damage your hardwood material in the process. Hiring an expert to do the refinish becomes paramount if you have antique and expensive flooring, or if the materials are quite hard to replace. Our professionals complete flooring services with attention to detail and clean up afterward as well.

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Here at Double J’s Installations, we assure high-quality refinishing services at an affordable price. We’ll have your hardwood flooring restored to a new-like state in the most efficient manner. Trust the experts to take care of your flooring in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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