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Laminate floors are an excellent choice for those who are renovating their homes on a budget. Luxury vinyl flooring offers a variety of great options and qualities that improve your home’s style and design across the board.

Newer technology allows vinyl sheets to look realistically like natural hardwood, tile or stone. Believe it or not, the quality of these prints make it hard for anyone to guess which one is real and which isn’t. Luxury vinyl sets the same effect as with authentic stone or hardwood flooring especially when handled by our experts. At the end of the renovation process, you’ll have beautiful, stunning floors that give a polished appearance minus the maintenance and the expensive price tag.

Qualities of LVT Floors

LVT is a major step forward for vinyl sheets in general. When compared to other flooring material, vinyl often comes out as the better choice. Vinyl is much softer when put on a side-by-side with stone or wood, which makes it better to walk on. What’s more, luxury vinyl retains heat better than stone or ceramic, which makes it warmer underfoot. The inherent insulation in vinyl increases overall insulation in any home.

LVT is durable and strong. Unlike wood flooring that easily scratches, tile flooring that chips and gets discolored over time, luxury vinyl floors have evolved from traditional vinyl by being thicker and reinforced with UV-cured urethane. The protective film of aluminum oxide makes LVT highly resistant to everyday scratches, including serious damage like tears and rips. Stone tiles and wood flooring would get severely scratched when moving heavy furniture around, but not luxury vinyl. This tough property makes vinyl the ideal choice for flooring in high traffic areas. In fact, vinyl is one of the best flooring choices when you’re thinking about renovating the dining area, the family room or the hallway flooring of your Mountainaire home.

LVT works well even when you have active kids and pets at home. The slip-resistant aspect of vinyl provides great footing for kids who love to play and run around the house. Maintenance is just as easy- all you’ll need is a soft bristle broom, a mop and soap and water to rid your floor of dirt, dust, and mud. Messes and scuff marks can be quickly wiped with a cloth or dish towel.

Laminate flooring is an apt choice for households whose family members have allergies to dust and air particles. The material of LVT is naturally hypoallergenic; the underlayer is composed of materials that naturally keep mold away. Being water-resistant makes it one of the best choices for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. You’ll have beautiful flooring that matches the theme of your house while keeping water away from the sub-flooring. Vinyl, in particular, won’t contract, warp or expand from sudden temperature and humidity changes.

Reach Out To The Local Experts

At Double J’s Installations Inc. you can choose from a wide range of LVT selections. We have the color, the design, patterns, and texture for a fully-customized look. Our trained experts can help you decide the best vinyl design for your Mountainaire home. What’s more, our quick services can guarantee a new vinyl flooring in a sizable room within just a few hours.

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