Nothing beats the luxurious comfort of carpet, especially on chilly Flagstaff, Arizona evenings. It keeps your home warm and provides a large space for kids and pets to play. Choosing the right type of carpet for you home will increase your enjoyment even further, providing the perfect combination of comfort and ease-of-care to fit your Northern AZ lifestyle.

Thick, Soft, and Indulgent

Deep, soft, thick carpets are synonymous with luxury living – and with good reason. With long, bouncy fibers and silky threads, they can feel like you’re walking through clouds as you pass through your living room or bedroom. Deep-pile carpets are also the warmest option, trapping plenty of heat to keep your feet extra-toasty. There are a couple of trade-offs to all that indulgence: Spills, dirt, and pet stains can be a little harder to remove, so you’ll need to have them cleaned regularly keep them fresh.

Short, Durable, and Efficient

On the other end of the spectrum, short-pile carpets such as Berber or commercial carpeting are the hardworking champions of high-traffic areas. Tough and stain resistant, they withstand the difficult conditions in busy business offices, home entryways and hallways, and areas where arts and crafts or food preparation are frequent activities. Shorter carpet styles are also helpful for people using mobility aids, allowing easier movement. They’re less warm and cozy than deeper carpets but still a significant step up from hard floor surfaces, making them a great option if you need your carpet to stand up to heavy use.

Mid-Pile Carpets for Livable Compromise

If you’d like a little more comfort than a short-style carpet and a little more durability than deep-luxury styles, there are many wonderful mid-range options available on today’s market. More home-friendly than commercial-grade carpet, these provide some of the benefits of warmth and comfort from deeper carpet styles but are easier to clean and maintain. For many households, mid-pile carpets are the compromise you’re looking for.

Double J’s Installations offers a wide selection of beautiful, affordable carpet styles to fit any lifestyle, and we specialize in top-quality installation and service in Flagstaff, Arizona. Love your carpet and love your home with the right choice for you. Call today!

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