A home is arguably the most important place one can create and spend time in. Whether you are building or renovating, it is important as a homeowner to feel that you have the opportunity to explore all options when making a decision for your home. One of those decisions being what kind of floor you would like to install: hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpet. In Flagstaff, this is an important choice due to the fact that temperatures are capable of getting below twenty degrees in the winter and over eighty degrees in the summer, with some homes having no air conditioning unit. When creating your vision, making the right flooring decision for your home aids to the aesthetic appeal you want your family and guests to experience.

Flooring installations estimates give homeowners the agency to see what best fits in their house from their master bathroom to their kitchen. Estimates are beneficial because Flagstaff homes are individualized in terms of design and overall square footage, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the price range and other factors. Each estimate is customized to the space, which affects the price of the flooring. An estimate will provide you with options that will give you the most cost-effective floor installation. For example, if you are torn between hardwood floor or carpet for your guest bedroom, you will be able to compare the pricing of the two to see what best fits your budget.

It is our mission at Double J’s Installations Inc. to provide our customers with the most affordable prices which is why estimates are vital in making the first decision for your home in Flagstaff. Changing your home can be intimidating which is why we want to collaborate with homeowners to create your dream space that is as beautiful as the town we live in.

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