Hardwood floors are classic for a reason: they’re beautiful, easy to care for and last for generations. Double J’s Installations has a wide selection of hardwood options for Flagstaff, AZ residents and business owners to choose from when you’re designing your new home, and the style you choose is largely a matter of preference. Here are some things to consider when you’re weighing your options.

Traffic Volume

All hardwood is durable and long-lasting, but some styles show wear more quickly than others and require more frequent refinishing. If you have a stampede of kids, pets, and guests, opt for woods with a more noticeable grain to hide scuffs and marks and order extra layers of clear coat to protect your floors from signs of wear.

Light Availability

Woods and wood stains look much different depending on lighting conditions, so it pays to check your selection before moving forward with the installation. What looks warm and lustrous in the showroom can appear dungeon-like in your family dining room, so take time to place a sample in your home to make sure it looks the way you thought it would and don’t be afraid to rethink your choice if it doesn’t meet expectations.

Board Width

The width of the boards has a surprising influence on the ambiance your hardwood floor creates in your living space. Wider boards feel casual and relaxed, whereas narrower boards feel more energetic and modern. When choosing your hardwood floor, consider the use of the space, your decorating style, and the mood you’d like to create and select a board width that best fits your needs.

Quality Installation is Key

No matter which hardwood style you ultimately choose, the one thing that’s important in every home is high-quality installation. Poorly installed hardwood floors will wear more quickly at ridges, allow moisture seepage through gaps, and make annoying creaking noises as you walk, just to name a few common problems.

Double J’s Installations has built hundreds of top-quality hardwood floors throughout Northern Arizona, so we know the right tools and techniques to provide superior results. We’ll make sure your Flagstaff home’s hardwood floor is installed right so it will last through the years.


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