When winter comes, walking around the house barefoot cold and chilly option. Not only can the cold weather make you uncomfortable, but your flooring can get damaged by the presence of moisture, which can warp, buckle or curl. At Double J’s Installation, we can help you avoid having to deal with winter damage by making the right choice of flooring from the start.


Carpet is winter-friendly as it offers natural cushioning and plenty of warmth and coziness no matter where you put it. Carpets are excellent barriers against the cold especially when you add a layer of padding underneath them. The material traps heat in the fiber and acts as major insulation, shielding your home from the cold and preventing heat from escaping through the floor.


LVT captures the allure and style of hardwood flooring minus the maintenance required to keep hardwood in tip-top shape. Luxury vinyl is quite easy to clean and doesn’t catch dust, stains or other substances as much as other flooring. LVT shines during winter scenarios as they’re naturally tough, durable and can take a beating, even if a family member or guest tracks snow inside the house.

Tile or Hardwood Floors

Tile floors may not be as effective as carpet when it comes to staving off the cold, but the material is durable and resistant to water and moisture.

For hardwood flooring, a quick refinish before winter can protect your hardwood from the elements. A layer of rugs on top of hardwood can act as a sort of walkway when a family member comes in tracking mud or snow inside. They can help maintain warmth in your home when strategically placed in entryways where cold air can pass underneath doors. Plus, the presence of a rug can add to overall atmosphere and coziness, especially during snowy days.

At Double J’s Installations, we have experts who can recommend the best kind of flooring to protect your home in the winter. You can rely on our high-quality installation and maintenance services to keep your family comfortable throughout the season.

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