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Double J’s Installations has found that carpeting enjoys many advantages over other flooring materials. Not only is carpet more comfortable to walk on, but it also does a better job of holding heat during the winter. Here are a few tips for maintaining your carpet.

Vacuum Often

Carpet installers in Sedona, AZ, recommend vacuuming at least twice a week. It doesn’t take long for dirt and dust to build up. This is especially true for rooms that get a lot of foot traffic. Simply vacuuming your carpet regularly will help it to retain its great look for years to come.

Remove Spots and Stains Immediately

Carpeting services in Sedona, AZ, stress the importance of removing spots and stains. Failing to clean spills in a timely manner makes mold more likely to develop. Nonetheless, avoid aggressively rubbing your carpet, This can permanently damage the fabric. The best approach is to use a carpet-cleaning kit to get rid of spots and stains.

Take Your Shoes Off Whenever Possible

It’s no secret that your shoes can drag in a lot of grime. This is why our carpeting contractors in Sedona, AZ, will advise you to take off your shoes whenever possible. If you prefer to keep your shoes on, be sure to clean them on a mat before coming inside.

Shield Against Sunlight

The sun’s powerful UV rays can cause your carpet to fade. To prevent this problem, close your blinds or drapes before leaving home. Ultraviolet window treatments will also help protect your carpet.

Deep Cleaning

Every 12-18 months, it’s a good idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Aside from extending the life of your carpet, deep cleaning will also create a healthier home by improving indoor air quality.

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