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At Double J’s, LVT is a relatively new flooring option that is cost-effective and affordable. LVT is a luxury vinyl product that looks just like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feels authentic, but without the costs.

Why LVT Floors Are A Popular Choice At Double J’s

Hard surface flooring can be notoriously difficult to maintain and manage as natural wood and stone flooring have very specific maintenance requirements to avoid staining or surface damage. If not taken care of properly the flooring will gain scratches, stains, and film over it which impairs the look of the natural material. Vinyl composite tile (VCT) also has simpler maintenance requirements than natural flooring, it requires quite a lot of maintenance as well. Daily mopping and sweeping, combined with regular waxing and polishing to protect the surface from scuffs and stains, is a common maintenance request.

Luckily, LVT flooring has a protective wear layer which means that it doesn’t need waxing or polishing often (every once in awhile is recommended to keep a shiny smooth surface, but not constant), and instead only requires mopping and sweeping to maintain its as-new appearance. You can also gain up to 10 years or more with LVT looking brand new before inspections are done to ensure the underground is still smooth and prevent issues from arising.

LVT flooring is unlike many other flooring options. Where most floors are limited to three options for customers to select from, LVT flooring is offered in a wide range of design options that mimic the look of natural stone or wood at a fraction of the price. It can even mimic some of the texture of natural stone or wood, because the pattern of wood grain, for example, can be engraved into the tile to give it a more realistic feel.
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One of the most common misconceptions about LVT is that the design will wear away through use. But the design is printed onto the film layer of the tile and protected by the wear layer. This protective, clear layer guards against scuffs and scratches, and protects the printed design layer against walk-off. This means that you will get years and years of wear and tear and your LVT flooring will still look brand new.

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If you are interested in luxury vinyl tiling, Double J’s Installation Inc is the place to go. We have been servicing the Flagstaff and Williams area since 2003 and our highly qualified and trained technicians will bring a beautiful finish to your flooring. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that your idea comes to life in a professional and timely manner for any flooring projects. You can contact us at 928-433-4754 or pop on into our showcasing room at 2626 N. Steves Blvd. in Flagstaff. We offer estimates and can discuss flooring plans and options most suited to your needs. Our staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a hand. Contact us today!

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