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Tile is one of the most important parts of a bathroom, as it can take over just a small space or the entire room for a unique and sleek feel. Whether you are redesigning your bathroom to create a more luxurious feel, building your dream bathroom from the ground up, or just wanting to add a tile layer to accentuate the beauty already in your bathroom, Double J’s Installation has you covered. Our team of installers is comprised of extremely qualified and highly trained technicians who want to help you realize your dreams and make them a reality.

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Bathroom tiles offer comfortability and sanitation in bathrooms, saving costs for homeowners and providing an easy, cleanable surface for homeowners in the Williams community following the installation process. This is relevant given the red dirt and forested areas that can be found around the area, making having an effective bathroom tile installed in homes all the more important. Not only are our tiles aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits are long-lasting as well, making them a reliable product worth investing in.

By hiring the professionals, you trust in our team to complete the tiling job correctly, without any risk of problems such as inaccurate measurements or gaps. We assess the flooring situation in your home, including determining whether the substrate, such as plywood subfloor, concrete floor, and wallboard, is acceptable for the tile job. It’s extremely important, especially for floors, that the base is level and sturdy. If this is not the case, or there is sagging or any kind of ground movement, the likelihood of cracked and broken tiles down the road is increased. Our team takes all of these factors into account prior to conducting any work and ensuring that you will be pleased with the final results.
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Prep work could require laying an entirely new floor or reset the walls and install a moisture barrier to ensure water isn’t getting trapped under the new tiles, particularly on a ground floor level. At Double J’s, our team is qualified, professional and know how to get around any issue groundwork may give us to ensure long lasting flooring that is well worth the professional visit.

Double J’s Installation Inc has been in the business of crafting long-lasting flooring since 2003. We work hard to ensure every idea that walks through our doors can be made into a reality with professional service. We have a large selection of beautiful tiles that catch the eye and save your wallet. We also provide consultations to discuss what tile options might best fit what you are looking for in your bathroom.

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At Double J’s, we are committed to giving our customers many options and possibilities for the tiles in their homes. We have a nearly endless variety of tiling options for your bathroom, and our knowledgeable staff is happy to offer advice and help you choose the right tile. In addition, we offer in-home estimates for our customers in Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, and the surrounding area. Call Double J’s Installation Inc today at 928-433-4754 and find out just how gorgeous your bathroom can really be!

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