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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Oak Creek Canyon

Whether you’ve just discovered original hardwood flooring in an old home or you want to restore the beauty of floors you installed long ago, refinishing hardwood floors can recreate a space. Double J’s Installations, Inc. is skilled in breathing life back into hardwood flooring that has lost its luster. From scratches and stains to wear and tear from heavily trafficked areas, no matter the battle scars on your flooring, refinishing hardwood floors Oak Creek Canyon is our specialty.


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How To Choose Hardwood Floors Refinishing Contractor

Double J’s is a trusted name in Oak Creek Canyon hardwood floor refinishing, but we want you to be convinced as well. When it’s time to refinish your floors, hiring the right contractor is key. The work must be done in the right environment and with the right tools, or you risk ruining your beautiful hardwood. Consider these tips when choosing the best hardwood floor refinishing contractor:

  • Ensure the contractor is licensed and insured.
  • Interview at least three contractors and compare their work, references, and prices.
  • Call references or visit businesses where hardwood floor refinishing was complete.
  • Ask for a quote if an estimate is given so you know the exact cost.
  • Ask what types of issues could call for a contingency budget.

Double J’s Installations, Inc. has a gallery of hardwood refinishing and remodeling projects. Our work is completed by professionals who understand the importance of caring for your floors and home just as we would our own.

When you enlist our team to complete your Oak Creek Canyon hardwood floor refinishing project, we’ll communicate openly throughout the entire process. You will know the timeline, steps to be completed, and understand how you can help us ensure the project goes smoothly.

Steps To Refinish Hardwood Floors

Each project is different, but when Double J’s takes on a hardwood refinishing job, we let you know each task we’ll complete. In most situations, a refinishing job will call for:

  • Remove doors from opening in the room being treated.
  • Pull up quarter round and base molding.
  • Scan for and remove or repair any protruding nails.
  • Remove floor mounted vents.
  • Tape off electrical outlets.
  • Cover ceiling fans and seal off room from rest of home.
  • Sand surface of hardwood floors.
  • Inspect for large scrapes and fill with color-matched wood filler.
  • Hand sand any remaining areas.
  • Apply two to three coats of finish as needed.

An Oak Creek Canyon hardwood refinishing job can take two to three days, depending on the size of the project.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Colors

Double J’s team works with you directly to choose the best stain color for your hardwood floors. While you can create a custom color, there are three main spectrums from which to choose:

  • Light color stain: Adds brightness to room and makes space feel larger.
  • Midtone stain: Most traditional. Used to cover blemishes and scratches in wood.
  • Dark color stain: Creates a rich, dramatic feel to the space.

Double J’s Installations, Inc. stands behind its work and begins each new project by speaking with you about your goals and needs for the space. If you’d like to receive a quote for refinishing hardwood floors Oak Creek Canyon, contact our professional team now. They’re waiting to leave you floored.

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