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Double J’s Installation Inc has been serving the Mountainaire area since 2003. We enjoy advising clients who prefer having an experienced flooring staff member guide them through the selection process. Talking with clients about their vision for their indoor flooring options gives us the chance to see through their eyes what they dream to create. Collaboration is always a happy experience both for our staff and our clients.

LVT Floors With Double J’s

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is a very high end product that comes at a very reasonable cost. Luxury vinyl tile successfully mimics hardwood products and tile options, making it a perfect choice for Mountainaire homes. Since the community is known for beautiful houses and cabins nestled within the pine trees or along a beautiful open meadow, the openness of nature often invites the dirt and dust from outside to be tracked back into the home. Our LVT floors encourage homes to remain clean and clear of dust and dirt by offering homeowners many benefits, including:

-Easy to clean
-Resistant to scratches
-Resists water damage and warping

With LVT floors, it is possible to live in such an outdoor area and still have an elegant home. We can bring you the strength and aesthetically appearance of of hardwoods with a product that is affordable to install. LVT flooring is easily cleaned with a mop and water or a vacuum on brushless mode. The care and maintenance is very easy, perfect for a person who wants to spend time outside rather than inside needing to clean their floors on a frequent basis.
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Luxury vinyl tile is a healthy option for people who need to avoid flooring selections which allow dirt and particulates to gather and settle under the top layer of the flooring choice. This flooring option is scratch and scrape resistant and spills are a simple cleanup situation. There is no grout or copious seams for liquid to seep through and under. The product contains a clear overcoat that prevents stains from settling, giving you time to clean a spill without worry.

At Double J’s, we take the time to discuss what our clients want from their flooring installations prior to making any decisions. Our staff is trained to offer recommendations on preferred types of LVT floor colors and patterns that we can install. Our open dialogue with our customers ensures that they will be happy with their selection. We take careful measurements and present you with a clearly defined estimate. We will let you know how many crew members will be coming to perform the installation and schedule the start date with you. We will define labor and materials separately and let you know if there are additional costs for moving household items prior to the installation.

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At Double J’s, our luxury vinyl tile is a very budget friendly product that allows you to create the look of elegance within your home that you see in your minds eye. We recognize that each client has their own vision or dream, and we enjoy watching each client’s perspective come to life with our skillful, dedicated help. Contact Double J’s for our LVT installation services, and we look forward to working with you.

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