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Hardwood Flooring Installations Mountainaire Arizona Carpet

At Double J’s, our installers are certified professionals when it comes to hardwood floors. Our talent, combined with the latest tools and techniques, can bring excellent hardwood floors to your property.

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For My Home?

Hardwood flooring in Northern Arizona is a classic because it has so many advantages. The timeless design, natural etchings, and the charming appeal all portray the beauty of having hardwood flooring for your home. There are several options for hardwood, including engineered creations and options that have different patterns, stains, and finishes. Wood is also environmentally sound as it can be recycled, renewed easily, and sourced responsibly.

As a material, wood does not gather dust or allergens, which promote a healthy air atmosphere. However, hardwood can be a challenge for households that have pets and small children, as you’ll need to quickly mop up and clean accidents and spills.

However, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime if properly cared for. At Double J’s, we ensure quality workmanship and provide floor maintenance tips and services to our customers that will ensure the best lifespan for their newly installed hardwood floor.

Custom Hardwood Floor Choices

When trying to make an estimation of how much a hardwood floor installation costs in Mountainaire, one must factor in cost per square foot of installation and the needed materials. The flooring material will largely consist of what type of wood you’d like to put in. Keep in mind that there are many kinds of hardwood material, with each one having its own price, color and durability.

Pine. Pine has characteristic knot patterns and warm tones that range from light beige to rich amber.

Maple. Resistant to dents and extremely durable, maple is best for high-traffic areas. You can choose pale red or white, depending on your home’s theme and decor.

Bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable material that features striations and a range of colors. If you need durability, go for strand bamboo flooring.

Hickory. Touts enchanting grain patterns and comes in several color variations. The hard density of the material is great for high-traffic areas on your property.

White Ash. Cream-colored flooring that can be pale gray or light tan with visible knotting. White Ash is durable and difficult to stain.

Red Oak. Reddish and with visible grain. Red oaks have a special characteristic of glowing in the light, creating a warm ambience in the process.

Brazilian Walnut. Exotic hardwood that can come in several shades of brown. Pet owners and those with small children will love the hardy, scratch-resistant material.

Double Js Hardwood Flooring Northern Arizona

Expert Wood Flooring Services in Mountainaire

At Double J’s, we offer complete hardwood installation and maintenance services for our Mountainaire customers.

Buffing and Recoating. We can refresh your flooring for a fraction of the cost and time it takes other companies.

Replacement and Repair For Damaged Floors. For flooring that has been damaged by termites, paint, water, or other stains

Refinishing and Sanding. Any paint marks, stains, and deep scratches will be removed.

Our team at Double J’s in Northern Arizona will be more than happy to consult you and your property to see what best fits your needs. Call us today to see how can install, maintain, and service your hardwood floors.

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