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Flooring installation involves properly measuring the space to be covered, helping a client determine the best type of flooring material if requested, creating a clearly defined estimate, completing the work in a timely manner, and educating the client about the maintenance of the material chosen, and at Double J’s, we are proud to offer excellent flooring installations to the residents in the Mountainaire area.

Because many families in the community have children and pets, this busy lifestyle is something that we remind our customers to consider when deciding the type of flooring they would like to have installed. Whether our clients know exactly what they want, while others request guidance in making a selection, our team will have what you need. With over 14 years of flooring installation experience, we enjoy working with clients who want help choosing the best option.

At Double J’s, we have various categories of flooring selections for our customers to choose from:

1. Wood Flooring
Our wood flooring comes in two categories: hardwood and engineered wood. Both options provide a wide range of choices, including color, stains, textures, and patterns. Engineered wood has the additional benefit of settling better when the subfloor is made of concrete.
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2. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
LVT is designed to look rustic and antiquated, and while its appearance is nostalgic for many people, the versions of laminate available today are more durable. Our LVT mimics other materials such as hardwood or tiling options, and because of this, it offers many benefits as an affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain floor in a busy household.

3. Carpet
The carpet options that we offer vary in patterns, color blocking, and styles. In the cold winter months in Mountainaire, having a soft and plush carpet helps keeps the heat insulated. Our carpet installations include backing that prevents spills from reaching the soft padding underneath, treatments that cause unexpected liquids to remain in a pool on top of the carpet so there is time to clean it before it soaks into the foundation, and materials that prevent a loss or change of color even from bleach.

When we meet with you to discuss your plans, we will obtain careful measurements that neither underestimate the amount of product needed nor overestimate causing a waste of your installation funds.  Once the measuring is completed we will present you with a clearly defined work estimate. We take pride in providing our customers with accurate cost projections and completion times. Our estimate will delineate labor and materials separately. We will list the cost of removing the old flooring and the cost of any additional steps such as moving current appliances or furniture.

Once we start a job it is very important that the work is completed in a timely manner. We understand that the beautiful upgrade you are choosing disrupts your lifestyle while it is being installed. Our goal is to complete the installation quickly with strong attention to the details. After the material is in place our staff member will go over the care and maintenance guide with you. We want you to fully enjoy your elegant choice for a very long time.

We are in your Mountainaire area and look forward to consulting with you on your installation plans. Contact Double J’s Installations for an appointment with our experienced staff member and learn more about our flooring installation processes and selections.

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