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At Double J’s Installation, we take pride in having served our Mountainaire customers since 2003. Our company in Northern Arizona is known for honest and accurate price projections which come with the assurance that you’re investing in quality flooring that can stand the test of time.

Our estimates delineate labor and material costs when it comes to flooring installations. There will be several factors that can affect the total cost.

Cost of Flooring Material

At Double J’s we have a wide variety of flooring options, from engineered or traditional wood, to carpet and Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT material. The costs for each one varies depending on quality and how much is needed for your home or business installation.

Square Footage Of Your Chosen Material

The type of material is one of the greatest variables when considering the total cost of installation. For instance, tile floors are typically priced at $3 to $7 per square feet, while carpeting is charged by the yard. Our crew takes a careful and accurate measurement, making sure that there’s no overestimation or underestimation of product, which results in money saved during installation. Our staff knows how to maximize resources for top-notch efficiency. As trained professionals, we do our best to make sure there isn’t any waste and mechanical equipment is used to cut pieces with precision, especially along corners and edges or any obstacle that we may have to taper around.

Double Js Flooring Northern Arizona

Removal and Replacement Costs

Removal is needed if you’re planning to replace old carpet or hardwood. In some instances the sub-flooring below your most recent layer of flooring may have to be replaced if it has been damaged or rotted.

All Project Costs

Our installers will need some prep work if the surface needs to be cleaned or flattened. The estimate covers machinery, equipment or component costs for flooring installation and cleanup. However, we will do our best to break-down each of our costs and how they are relevant to the total job.

Flooring Installation Estimate

When looking to have your property re-floored in Northern Arizona, you can trust us to fully service your job from beginning to end. This means that will be open and transparent about each cost that accrues during the installation.

Since flooring inherently comes with costs, such as materials and labor, we do our best to break down each portion of the total bill. We first like to acknowledge whether additional repairs will need to be made to the sub-flooring, such as cleaning, leveling, or waste disposal.

Most importantly, we can come to your Mountainaire property and perform an estimate based on the total square footage of the area that you would like to be managed by our services.

Schedule Your Free Estimate In-Home

At Double J’s, our passionate team is here to guide you in choosing the best kind of flooring for your home or business establishment in Mountainaire. We’ll work closely with you to meet your particular design and flooring requirements, budget, and deadline.

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