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In the Mountainaire community, carpet is an excellent choice for keeping the home insulated in the winter months. While the pine trees that surround homes produce pleasant shade in the summer, the trees can also prevent homes from being naturally heated by the sun in the summer. At Double J’s Installations Inc, our carpet allows for these cold months to become more pleasant and infused with ambient warmth that is slowly released over several hours.

The Benefits Of Our Carpet Selections

Not only is our carpet soft, but it is kinder to older and younger residents in homes, as the padding beneath the carpet breaks the impact of a fall. We offer many types of underlying padding for our customers to choose from, based on differing thickness. Our padding is offered with a liquid-proof topping layer, as well as a backing barrier option that prevents both liquids and particulates from gathering below the carpet line.

For homes in the Mountainaire area that include pets and children, the padding barriers in the carpet help keep the gravel, dirt, and snow tracked into the home from soaking into the floor. By keeping the dirt closer to the surface of the carpet, this enables vacuum cleaners to more easily remove it and fully clean the carpet. In addition, carpet treatments can also help liquids puddle on the surface of the carpet. These treatments and carpet styles allow you time to dab up a puddle before it tries to seep into the carpet.

Our Design Team Is Ready To Help You Select The Right Carpet

We are ready to help with choosing a carpet color and style and that matches your perception of a comfortable and yet beautiful home. Carpets come in many styles, colors, patterns and textures. Wool fiber carpets are still available. In addition, today’s market also carries many other fibers including recycled plastic that has the look and feel of the soft carpet you grew up with. Modern fibers have the additional advantage of having the color infused directly into the material. This prevents even bleach from making a mark. We can also guide you towards carpets and padding that repel dirt and liquids. We enjoy working with customers who prefer a touch of guidance when choosing an addition to their current décor. We also are ready to get right to measuring and producing an estimate for customers who know exactly what they want.
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Once the selection of the carpet and the underlying padding is complete, we will take exacting measurements and send you an installation estimate. Our installation estimate will provide a separation of labor and materials costs. We will provide another line item to list the cost of installation preparation procedures such as moving furniture or appliances out of the way. We will let you know how many staff members will be onsite for the installation and identify how long the process will take.

Contact Double J’s To Learn More About Our Carpet Selections

Double J’s Installations Inc has been in the Mountainaire area since 2003 and we appreciate the outdoor lifestyle that can come with living in such a beautiful area. All of our staff members are dedicated to providing you with skillful guidance when desired and offering clearly defined estimates, and we promise perfect carpet installations conducted by experts who have careful attention to detail. If you are interested in discussing costs and an initial consultation, call Double J’s for more information, and we will be happy to assist you.

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