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A bathroom tile installation gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful refuge in your home. With all of the stone appearance ceramic tiles available today, our team at Double J’s Installations Inc can help enhances the space beyond simply being functional.
The tiling doesn’t have to end at the shower stall. The walls of the bathroom can be fully tiled, or partially tiled. It is also easy to tile around any window openings. Floors can be tiled as well as the backsplash around the sink area. There are so many tile options, from open, smooth and modern, to warm, cozy, and enchanting. Tile shapes and sizes can be blended to create your preferred look. We can help you match shapes and shades of a chosen tile style to create a smooth blending of any existing floor coverings that come into visual contact with the tile to be installed. Your bathroom tile installation can leave you feeling surrounded by beautiful and comfortable designs.

The Selection Process

At Double J’s Installations Inc, we have over 14 years of experience with bathroom tile installations and helping our clients reach their dream design. We will begin with a consultation appointment, and it’s during this time that we discuss your design ideas with you. If you prefer more professional guidance during the design phase, we are happy to help. We will join you at local tile showrooms to help you choose the best tile for your desired environment. Once the design has been finalized, we will take measurements of the area to be tiled. We will discuss with you whether shower head piping or the ground level drain needs to be relocated.
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Once all measurements are taken and the design plan is clear we will present you with a cost estimate. The estimate will clearly define the cost of labor and the cost of materials separately. Any additional costs such as demolition of the existing shower or bath will be listed as a separate line item. We will let you know how long the install will take and how many of our staff will be working on the process. We understand that while the idea of the final product is exciting, the process of the installation breaks into your household’s daily routine. It is our goal to complete the process as quickly as possible. With speed, precise work is also required. It is of the utmost importance to us that all tile seams are straight and evenly spaced. We take pride in our work and want you to enjoy every minute of the space after we have completed the installation.

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At Double J’s Installations Inc, we are proud to offer our services in and around the Flagstaff community, including Mountainaire. We know how beautiful the area is to live in and we want you to enjoy the beauty of your new, tiled bathroom space just as much. Contact our team of experts to begin your journey and learn more about how we can help your visions become a reality.

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