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Hardwood and natural stone flooring can be difficult to maintain in the Kachina Village area, with the reddened dust from the red rocks that make Kachina Village iconic, so if you love the way they look but don’t have time for all that upkeep, opt for easy-care, affordable laminate flooring from Double J’s Installations. We have dozens of beautiful, natural-looking choices that let you have the look you want without taking time from the lifestyle you love.

Laminate flooring takes advantage of advances in lamination technology to create synthetic boards or tiles from low-cost materials that perfectly mimic the appearance of more expensive, natural materials. To create a section of laminate flooring, a base of resin and fiberboard is fused with a pattern layer and covered with a protective finish. Each piece of flooring is strong and durable, so it lasts for years even in high-traffic areas. Plus, it costs much less than hardwood or stone flooring, saving you money both when you install it and for years to come as it outlasts other flooring alternatives.

Even if you didn’t care about the price, laminate flooring has additional benefits that make it a great choice. If you have allergies, the boards are comprised of hypoallergenic materials and are mold-resistant to protect you. Laminate flooring is easy-care, requiring only sweeping and a damp mop to keep it looking new. It requires no waxing and never needs to be refinished, unlike stone or wood that requires regular resealing. In addition, laminate flooring installation takes only a day or two, as compared to days for pre-finished wood and weeks for unfinished wood or stone tile. Truly, laminate flooring is an easy, hassle-free choice for your busy lifestyle.
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Laminate flooring comes in a vast array of colors and designs, so no matter what your preferred decorating style, we have a laminate option for you. We offer a full line of choices from all the major brands, including Shaw, Armstrong, and others, including both hardwood and stone looks. Whether you want a deep, espresso oak to complement your Mediterranean vineyard look, a cheerful terracotta sandstone for your southwestern décor, or a bright, light maple for your beach-themed bathroom, we have an option that will look great and hold up well to years of hard use.

Professional laminate flooring installation is the key to your flooring’s longevity, and Double J’s Installation has skilled, experienced installers ready to help. We have completed hundreds of installations, so we know all the best methods to make sure your floors lay smoothly, stay tightly fitted, and wear evenly. The installation begins with removing all your old flooring to expose the subfloor or slab. If needed, we lay a thin pad to correct an uneven subfloor, then carefully measure, cut, and install the laminate boards to create a natural look that’s indistinguishable from genuine stone or hardwood. Our installers are experts at tightly fitting even the most irregularly shaped room, so you never have to worry about ugly gaps or uneven edges along walls or other architectural features.

As a locally owned and operated business, Double J’s Installations is a part of your community, and we care about every customer. You can count on us for friendly service and superior laminate flooring installation in your Kachina Village, Arizona home or business. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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