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In your Kachina Village, Arizona home or business, your hardwood floors may be looking a little rough around the edges. With everyday wear and tear, that’s pretty normal – especially since hardwood floors can last upwards of a hundred years so they have plenty of time to accumulate damage; however, replacing them is not the only option. You can also refinish your hardwood floors, giving them a clean, newly-installed look with a simple operation of sanding and giving them a new finish. Luckily for you, Double J’s Installations is easily available and reachable for this operation, and we’re happy to assist you.

Why refinish your Kachina Village hardwood?

Refinishing your Kachina Village floors may seem like a big task, but it leaves you with like-new floors without the burden of removing old and installing new hardwood. Ripping up and then replacing flooring that can simply be ‘repaired’ is truly unnecessary, especially when you can preserve the age and beauty of your original hardwoods with refinishing.

Hardwood flooring is perhaps one of the most durable flooring options out there. Not only is it versatile for both homes and businesses, but it’s also incredibly economically friendly. Since hardwood flooring is taken from trees, they come from a renewable source. Additionally, hardwood flooring doesn’t hold onto pet dander, odors, dust, pollen, or stains. It’s easy to clean, since there are many cleaners available for hardwood flooring and cleaners are also easy to make at home, if you’re sensitive to chemical-based cleaners. Because many allergens are found in Northern Arizona, it’s incredibly helpful to employ a flooring option that isn’t porous.

On top of being versatile, hardwood floor refinishing is incredibly easy. Double J’s Installations uses a large sander which takes care of any imperfections in the floor quickly. On top of sanding, which exposes the natural stain of the wood, we can add a new stain to bring some extra shine to the floors. However, if you’d rather keep the natural look of the wood, we’re happy to simply apply a coat of sealant and leave your floors to their natural, woodsy beauty. Hardwood floors add a touch of charm and elegance to any room, whether it’s your living-room or your lobby.

If you chose your hardwood flooring in the first place for the style, the color, and the durability, then refinishing is the best choice for you. Not only is refinishing cheaper than replacing hardwood floors – especially if it’s the dominant flooring choice in your home or business – it’s also a great way to retain the original style and finish you wanted for your home or business. Hardwood flooring is a precious commodity in terms of finding exactly what you want, which is why Double J’s Installations is happy to place a custom order for a finish, style, or sand-grit for you.

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Why Double J’s Installations?

Double J’s Installations isn’t just any flooring installation company. We have experience, professionalism, and kindness on our side. We understand what you want and are happy to help you achieve it. We offer free online quotes, and we have been serving Flagstaff and other Northern Arizona areas like Kachina Village, AZ for over fifteen years. All employees are drug tested, screened, background checked, and vetted prior to being hired, so your home and business are safe in our hands.

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