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Few home renovations can transform a room quite as quickly flooring installation does. A nice, padded carpet or an equally pleasing tile design will surely take your home or business premises to a whole new level. But it can also be a cause for concern if you let an inexperienced installer put in your floors.

For a cost-efficient expert floor treatment in Kachina Village, Arizona, you can trust our professionals. At Double J’s our methods are tried and trusted, our guarantee total, and we hold our customers’ satisfaction in the highest regard.

Types of Flooring Installation

At Double J’s we cover everything from commercial and municipal buildings to residential homes. The choice of flooring will naturally depend on the type of room, and we have everything you could hope for:

Hardwood: Pretty much the standard way of flooring, hardwood includes stylish materials that are best used for living rooms or bedrooms. You can choose between solid and engineered hardwood, the latter being more versatile when it comes to application and a better choice for basements or other concrete subfloors. Oak and walnut are the most widely used hardwood flooring types.
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Tiling: An obvious choice for a bathrooms and kitchens is tile. Both are exposed to a level of moisture that needs to be accounted for in the material. Tile is also the easiest to maintain, something that any Kachina village household can appreciate.

Luxury vinyl tiling: Another moisture resistant material, vinyl is highly versatile and can go anywhere. It is also very stylish in imitating the natural wood, stone, or ceramic textures. Vinyl has an unprecedented ease of installation.

Carpeting: Carpet installation is among the most common flooring options. Fitting it to a wall and perfectly concealing all the seams and transitions, carpet is the preferred solution for enjoying every step you make. It’s also a great choice for apartments, as the padding under the carpet can dampen the noise coming from the floor above you.

DIY Vs. Expert Flooring

Installing new flooring is something that you can do by yourself, but only if you know exactly what you’re doing. Otherwise you run a great risk of damaging or, worse yet, destroying the material. Besides expertise, the one thing that sets the Double J’s professional crew apart is the knowledgeable use of equipment. We’re talking highly specialized tools that take years to master.

Finally, floor installation is a complex process and floors are often so uncooperative that you can end up paying a lot of money just to shore up the failed bits. Calling us is the best way to have your floors tiled, carpeted, or laminated successfully the first time around.

Contact Your Local Double J’s Flooring Specialist

Every job begins with the perfect measurements. With remodeling, the old floor cover is first removed and floor inspected for damage. Only then will our flooring specialist proceed with installation.

At Double J’s we are big on flooring it the right way. That is why our floor installations in Kachina Village last for so long. Call us today! 

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