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At Double J’s Installations, we take care to renovate your floors, and our carpet installations are of the highest quality. Our carpet installation experts are accurate and maintain the aesthetic our customers strive to capture in their homes. With our excellent standards, we will help transform your Kachina Village home into more than just a living space. With our devotion to style and design, the carpet in your home will be correctly installed and enhance the value of your home for many years. Our experience carpet installations allows us to easily manage the intricacies of the process and ensure that our specialized tools will keep the carpet properly adhered to the floor. Our prices are competitive and appropriate for the scope of work that we do, all while being affordable for our valued customers.  

Before we are able to install your new carpet, we take preparatory steps to help the process go smoothly. We take the time to carefully measure your home and each room beforehand while offering  a wide array of carpet types to choose from. Our carpet options include soft carpets with a large thread count, and a variety of other carpet types for all of our customer’s wants and needs. Once this is done, we also need to remove furniture and electrical appliances and take out the old carpet or tile as needed. Our carpet installation will take a few hours to complete, and we take our work seriously and believe in installing the carpets correctly the first time.

Double Js Flooring Northern ArizonaWe strive to ensure that your new carpet fits to the walls perfectly, free of unpleasant looking bumps or ripples that will guarantee complete satisfaction with your new floor. Our carpet installation professionals are trained to nullify carpet seams, making them smooth and unnoticeable. Stepping on seams and staples is inconvenient and potentially dangerous, and our work eliminates these problems by taking the time to properly install the carpet and allocate our time wisely. Rather than rushing to complete the job quickly and potentially leave behind problems, our work is accurate and designed to mitigate problems in favor of efficiency and a long-lasting product that is sure to satisfy our customers for years. We also offer carpet repairs as well, and if your carpet has a become unhinged from the walls or develops large bumps, we take the time to properly set the carpet once again and ensure that it remains in place. Our services are far from frugal and hastily done, and at Double J’s Installations, we pride ourselves on offering quick but excellent services that prioritize the safety and needs of our customers above all else.

If you want to reinvent your home with a new, soft carpet, call Double J’s Installations today. Our carpet installations are perfect and affordable, and your home will benefit from a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing carpet that is guaranteed to serve you for many years. Our carpet installations will increase the value of your home and ensure that your guests and family are always comfortable for many years after we have installed your carpet.

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