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Refinishing Floors service in Flagstaff Arizona

Not only will refinishing your hardwood floors in add beauty and value to your home, they will help protect your home and family for years. Refinished flooring and hardwood floors have increased property values for Flagstaff Arizona customers for years. 

Why Refinishing Floors Is Important For Flagstaff Weather

The dry high desert climate, seasonal monsoons and heavy winter snows in Flagstaff can generate a lot of stress on hardwood floors. Moisture and dryness can cause floors to warp and gap over time. The hard winds blow in lots of dust and debris which can scratch and remove the sheen from your floors. The weather is not the only thing that can damage your hardwoods. Lots of Flagstaff residents are families with pets, especially dogs. Dogs and cats can cause lots of damage to your home’s floors with excessive shedding, bringing in snow, mud and debris, as well as scratching the floors. Family members dropping their bags, shoes and toys can create scratches and dents in the wood surface. Not only do our families and four-legged family members create havoc for our home’s interior, insects and other pests can bore into our floors making unsightly holes and damaging the subfloor.

refinishing hardwood floors in Flagstaff Arizona

There are so many factors that can harm your hardwood floors. It is important to preserve your floors to extend the lifetime of the wood. Refinishing your hardwoods help maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The refinishing process often fills in gaps between boards and creates a barrier from your subfloor. This helps keep the heat inside during the winter and drafts from coming in through the floors. Lots of Flagstaff homes do not have air conditioning but it can get a bit warm during a few months of the year. Sealed floors maintain a cooler home by sealing drafts and keeping the cool air from escaping into the floorboards.

Double Js Flagstaff refinishing Floors Northern Arizona

Refinishing hardwood floors Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

If you have small children or pets, they often spend a lot of time on the floor, laying on the cool surface or crawling around. Damaged floors can create splinters and harbor lots of dirt and germs. Refinishing your hardwood floors creates a clean solid surface free of splinters that is safe for your children and animals.

The process of refinishing hardwood floors can vary depending on the overall condition of your floors. The refinishing process includes having damaged spots repaired, floors sanded, cleaned, stained and/or sealed. It may take a few days to complete the entire process depending on how much damage needs to be repaired and how much sealant needs to be used. Before Double J’s Installations professional team arrives, please remove all furniture, rugs and items from the room. Double J’s will put up barriers to alleviate the amount of dust from the sanding process moving into other areas of your home. Once all the dust is cleaned out, stain and sealants will be added.

Refinishing your hardwoods will extend the life of your floors. Hardwood floors can last for decades if properly maintained and will improve the value of your home. Over time the sealant and waxes break down due to normal wear and tear. If you do not refinish the floors regularly, more damage can occur and replacing the floors may become necessary. Replacing floors can be much more expensive and disruptive to your life.

Contact Double J’s Installations today in Flagstaff Arizona for a quote on refinishing your floors and restoring the beauty of the hardwood.

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