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Hardwood floors are features in homes that are noteworthy for homeowners purchasing a new home or redesigning their current living space. At Double J’s, we recognize that the floors in your home are an absolute staple, making the room pop and look aesthetically pleasing. Our hardwood floors exude elegance and style, upgrading the look of any space instantly. Hardwood floors are a worthy investment because of the excellent long-term results it offers within your home.

At Double J’s, we are professionals at correctly installing hardwood floors. We are familiar with the multiple steps involved in properly lining the boards and placing them in the room, and our team will fit them to the dimensions of the room and ensure that no mistakes are made. Installations performed by non-experts can lead to complications, such as the boards not fitting the room incorrectly or being installed haphazardly, leading to problems later on. At Double J’s, our work is careful and precise, ensuring that the job is done right the first time.

Another perk of our professional installation services is access you will have to quality products. At Double J’s, we offer a wide array of woods to choose from, including stains, colors, textures, patterns, and levels of durability. Not only will our professionals glady install the floor of your choice, we will also guide you towards choosing the best floor that will fit your specific needs, including decisions revolving around your décor, family life, and daily activities. Whatever you desire and your expectations are, we will meet them with our wide selection of features. The floor will add that finished look to any room and we can match it perfectly to your already decorated space.

Finally, a professional installing your floor will allow us to help maintain the floors throughout their lifespan. Hardwood floors have great lifespans naturally, allowing them to last for several years. Furthermore, our installation techniques can help that last even longer than their expected lifespan, as we can buff out any imperfections and restore the beautiful glisten of the floors, and no replacements are necessary, making it a money saving investment. As an added bonus, hardwood floors are environmentally friendly since they repel dust and particulates from soaking into the floors, making it easy care for and clean as well. Hardwood floors are reliable floors that won’t suffer from water spills, ensuring that they won’t warp or shift from living conditions, staying reliable and beautiful for many years. At Double J’s, we are proud to offer hardwood flooring installations for all of our customers living in the Flagstaff community.
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If you live in the Flagstaff area and are considering having a hardwood floor installed, consult in our professional team at Double J’s. Your floors are a critical part to the structure of your home, and we take our work seriously in order to provide reliable results. If you’re interested in a consultation, call Double J’s for your hardwood flooring installation needs, and we will be happy to help.

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