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Flooring Installation in Flagstaff, AZ

New flooring is a home improvement project that refreshes the look and feels of any room – or even your whole house. Homeowners and locals frequently choose flooring installation in Flagstaff, AZ as a remodeling project that can boost a home’s resale value.

While some realtors may promote new carpeting as a selling point in their listings, the wall-to-wall carpeting that was so widely used in the past has fallen out of favor with many homeowners. More and more homeowners are choosing to remove carpeting in favor of installing hardwood, tile, or a combination of both. Let’s look at a few of the most popular choices for hardwood and tile.

Types of Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the trendiest and most attractive flooring options available for homeowners. Unlike some of its competitors like carpet or laminate, there are abundant hardwood flooring types to choose from. Each kind of wood offers unique characteristics that help it stand out.

Double Js Flooring Northern ArizonaOak

Oak is the most common kind of wood flooring in North America because it’s such a practical choice. It is economical, and the strong natural graining of oak helps hide scratches and dents better than most other hardwoods. In addition, oak absorbs wood stain very well, so it’s easy for flooring installers in Flagstaff, AZ to refinish oak flooring to match any type or style of furniture. You can go from very light all the way to black.


Slightly harder than oak, maple’s light graining has a smoother, sleeker look. It’s more current and contemporary, in contrast to oak’s traditional vibe. The subtler graining of maple prevents it from absorbing wood stain easily. However, maple is so durable that it’s the wood of choice for basketball courts and bowling alleys.


Native to the United States, hickory wood has a similar appearance to oak in terms of its color and graining but is much harder and more durable. Because of the hickory’s hardness and its ability to hide scratches and dents, it’s an excellent choice for households with lots of foot traffic, especially from kids and pets.

Types of Tile

Hardwood floors continue to increase in popularity, but tile is still going strong as a flooring option, recommended by many flooring contractors in Flagstaff, AZ and beyond. It’s versatile, durable, easy to clean, and available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.


Of all the tile types, ceramic offers the widest range of design choices and it’s an economical choice as well. Ceramic tile also resists staining and water damage.


The flooring material of choice for many royal palaces, marble is a beautiful and elegant option. It naturally comes in multiple colors, so it can match any decorative style. Because it’s quarried from mountains, each piece of marble has its own unique characteristics. When polished, marble takes on a silky smooth and shimmering finish that can be truly distinctive.


A natural stone made from sedimentary rocks, limestone is an affordable flooring option that is also long-lasting and has a traditional look that blends with virtually any color scheme. Limestone also resists mold and bacteria and is easy to keep clean.

Whatever flooring material you choose, our flooring services in Flagstaff, AZ, combined with the skill and professionalism of our experts, are sure to deliver outstanding results.

If you’re interested in installing new flooring, let our flooring company in Flagstaff, AZ transform your space. Contact us today or fill out our online form!

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