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LVT Flooring Installation Doney Park Arizona

At Double J’s Installation, Inc., we have been in business since 2003. For the last fourteen years Jeremy Wilson and his team have dedicated their professional services to providing the best high-quality flooring services possible. We offer a versatile services and we are constantly trying to improve our services to home and business owners in Doney Park and the greater Northern Arizona Region. We are proud to provide the reliable and quality service you and your home deserve.

Why Would Homeowners in Doney Park Choose LVT Flooring?

One of the first reasons a homeowner or business owner maybe choose LVT Flooring over other options are its versatility in design, its durability, and how cost efficient it truly is compared to other materials and flooring options.

Durability is how hard the top surface of the floor is. How much damage, scratching, and wear and tear the floor can take over time. The more durable a floor material is the more resistant it is to damage over time. Stable flooring holds up its shape and size as time moves forward after installation. These two qualities are what you want in your flooring. LVT flooring installations are one of the services Double J’s Installations, Inc. offers Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). The tile is composed of what is typically known as “Parterre Vinyl.” The vinyl is a hard substance covering the top of the tile to make the tile more water resistant, damage resistant, and perfect for higher-moisture areas. Vinyl is ideal for areas that are utilized often. While a sealant is not required it is recommended for further protection in higher-moisture areas.

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What Sets LVT Flooring Apart

Those who don’t know the difference might be a little intimidated, but our team is here to explain the difference and offer whatever help we can give. LVT flooring is much easier to maintain compared to hardwood floors and is priced at a much lower cost. LVT has the look and feel of hardwood floors but at a lower cost to your Doney Park property. While hardwood floors have their benefits as well, if you are looking for something that has less maintenance LVT flooring is a good alternative.

LVT Flooring is similar to laminate tiling, but there are some differences as well. Laminate is compressed fiberwood and is less water resistant than LVT flooring. LVT also are made up of thicker layers compared to laminate flooring which often have a hollow feel to them.  In addition to the budget-friendly prices that LVT flooring installations offer, the upkeep and maintenance of the floors are relatively low. If your schedules or are unable to maintain a strenuous routine with your floors, then choosing a laminate flooring might be the better option for you.

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At Double J’s Installations, Inc., we strive to provide quality flooring services and installations at affordable prices for your Doney Park property. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at our number. You can contact us through our website, social media, or phone number.            

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