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Hardwood floors are an important aspect of your Doney Park, Arizona home. There are homebuyers who will purchase a home strictly for the beauty of the hardwood floors and it has the power to add to the appeal of your space. While it is a great addition to a home and brings your space to life, it’s important to maintain the condition of your hardwood floors to increase their longevity and appearance. Our team at Double J’s Installations Inc. are experts in hardwood floor refinishing and will guide the residents of the Northern Arizona area through the process of refinishing your hardwood floors with accuracy and speed.

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Why is refinishing the better option instead of full replacement for your hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors are costly investments for homeowners that should be taken care of regularly. If you replace your hardwood floors before they need to be, you will be wasting your money when you can refinish them to restore them to the quality they were when they were first installed.  T Double J’s Installations Inc., our team will get your floors to their former condition in a timely manner leaving you with satisfied results. Double J’s Installations Inc. will be able to come into your Doney Park home to assess and decide whether you are a candidate for a refinishing or replacement before you make the decision on your own.

At Double J’s, our ultimate goal is to provide the best options to our customers that works best financially and for the best outcome for the customer. A refinishing job will be a fraction of the cost of a total replacement and will save you stress and money. Refinishings are also less time consuming. We can get the job done in a few hours to avoid interruption to your daily family routines.

How do you know if you’re Doney Park home is due for a refinishing job?

Dull Appearance

When hardwood floors are first installed, it’s clear that they are new. There is a glisten and shine that the floors should have that give it that enchanting look and make a room transform into an elegant setting. If your hardwood floor loses that shine, it may be time for a refinishing. When the floor is refinished, it will leave it with that coating that it has lost over the years. The finishing gloss we use at Double J’s  helps the floor repel the pollen and dust, making it easy to sweep and dust. It also helps repel liquid spills and messes, making for an easy mopping or wiping up the puddles.


Everyone develops scratches over the years from natural wear and tear. Most hardwood floors are resilient and scratches will not happen, but as your floors age the scratches become more visible. For most scratches or imperfections in your Doney Park hardwood floors, our team can buff then out and fix them during the refinishing process.

At Double J’s Installations Inc., we take pride in providing Doney Park and its surround areas with hardwood floor maintenance and repair our Northern Arizona customers can count on. Refinishing is a great option instead of full floor replacement, so call our team of local experts for an estimate today!

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