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In the past, homeowners have stayed away from replacing flooring because they fear the idea of costly installation. At Double J’s Installations Inc., we only offer affordable flooring options for our Northern Arizona customers in Doney Park. Replacing your flooring can transform a room and allow for you, your family, or guests to enjoy a newly designed space that adds to the aesthetic you would like your home to have. Our team at Double J’s Installation Inc. provides customers with thorough flooring installation estimates throughout the year. At Double J’s Installations Inc., we offer various types of installations and the best service our Doney Park, AZ clients will be satisfied with. Our friendly associates are always here to answer your questions to get you on your way to flooring installations no matter how big the project is.

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There are various questions that will need to be covered when providing you with a flooring installation estimate:

How big is the space that we will be installing?

At Double J’s Installations Inc., we are able to accomodate any size big or small. We can give estimates by the square footage to give a rough idea of what your costs would be based off your measurements. We also offer to come to your home or place of business and measure ourselves for an exact estimate for you. The on-site visit would also allow us the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have in regards to the best options for you and what your desires are for design and type of floor you are installing in your Northern Arizona home.

What type of flooring do you desire?

Flooring isn’t just about colors and styles. In fact, at Double J’s Installations Inc. we need to narrow down the type of flooring you would like to install in your Doney Park home. Are you interested in tiling for easy cleaning and maintenance? Maybe carpeting is what you have in mind because you have small children or you like the comfort of fuzziness under your feet after a long day. Hardwood floors also provide an elegant look in a dining room or throughout your whole house. Choosing the type of flooring is the biggest part of the decision. Looking at your budget and your lifestyle would be a great place to start.

Our agents can consult with you to make the best decision based on these factors and what we feel would fit your situation best. Once you narrow down the type of flooring installation, then the fun part comes. You get to pick the colors, patterns, textures, and styles of your carpet, hardwood flooring, or tiles that will be installed in your Doney Park home. There are dozens of flooring options for you to choose from. Overall, budget is an important thing to consider when making this decision to install new floors.

At Double J’s Installations Inc. our staff will be ready to help in choosing the best option for you as asll as providing an estimate you are comfortable with. If you’re in the Doney Park area and you’re considering a floor installation, call Double J’s Installations Inc. today. We are eager to get you on your way to a total floor replacement and a brand new style for your Doney Park home.

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